Welcome to Tao Life

A New Type of Natural Wellness Lifestyle Brand
Tao Life has a goal of helping you to be well (naturally), to make self-care a routine part of life to live to the fullest in harmony with nature. Photo by Christian Calhoun.

elcome to TAO LIFE. We’re beyond excited to be here. We’ve dreamed for many years about creating a natural lifestyle brand and online learning platform with a strong media focus for lovers of all things healthy, natural and green. But it was when the COVID-19 pandemic hit that we realized we couldn’t wait any longer. We decided then and there to make our longtime dream a reality.

During this time of global crisis, widespread conflict and deep uncertainty, we’ve all faced challenges and made sacrifices, both big and small. Everyone has also experienced a roller coaster of emotion and coped with unprecedented change. This time has given us new perspective, reminding us of the value and importance of taking care of ourselves and of pursue things deeper and more meaningful.

We believe that Tao Life has an important role to play in promoting connection, understanding, compassion and happiness. After all, the Tao (“way of life”) promotes peacefully going with the flow, embracing positive energy and living in harmony with the natural world.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to get back to nature. And we believe that natural living and the enjoyment of nature are forms of wellness and self-care.

That’s why Tao Life is committed to helping you navigate the new normal, while living life to the fullest — naturally. We will be here for you as both a resource and a refuge in a fast-changing world, providing you with science-backed, human-focused and nature-driven information you can trust and a healthy dose of earthy inspiration.

We will cover wellness, self-care and eco-lifestyles through the lens of health, healing, well-being, mindfulness, food & drink, home, garden, outdoor living, community, travel, nature, fashion, beauty, design, architecture, culture and art & crafts.

Our purpose is to empower, motivate and support people to be healthier, happier and more natural in other words, to live the TAO LIFE while building a network of passionate learners and doers, and making our world a better place through a community of sharing, caring and giving.

We are well aware that being healthy, natural and green means something different to everyone — just as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to life itself.

For some, it means yoga class, clean smoothies and herbal medicine. Or it could be plant-based eating and being an ethical and environmental activist. For others, it’s about incorporating natural health, eco-friendly and holistic practices and beliefs into their daily lives in whatever way possible. Or something else entirely. No matter what it means to you, we plan to provide you with valuable guidance and resources.

We intend to awaken and explore many of the happenings, possibilities, experiences, pursuits and pleasures of wellness, self-care and natural living in a new and compelling way different, we believe, than anywhere else. With the goal of being a voice of both experts and everyday people you can trust — one that cuts through the noise — our writers and editors will scour Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and far beyond, making every effort possible to keep you informed, educated and inspired every step of the way.

At Tao Life, we don’t aspire to be everything to everyone, but we hope we’ve created something very special for people who want the most out of life naturally, in body, mind and spirit.

If you share that desire, you’re a Tao Lifer and we’re happy to have you.

Want to partner with us? Connect now. Have something to teach on our soon-to-launch online learning platform? Let us know. Want to write for us? See our guidelines. Know of a person, place or thing we should feature? Drop us an email at hello@taolife.co. And make sure to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thank you for visiting TAO LIFE. And remember, we’re all about you!

Team #TaoLife