12 Must-Follow Healthy, Natural and Green Instagrams in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse

From rising stars to longtime voices—these are the Instagram accounts in Western New York that should be on your radar

So many Instagram posts, so little time. If you have a hard time keeping up with the hordes of feeds out there, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t help that not all of them are created equal. That’s why we scoured the regional Insta-sphere and selected those brimming with true passion, unique insight, useful information and visual inspiration on the subjects that matter to you most — everything from yoga and holistic health to vegan food and eco-lifestyles.

Here, in no particular order, our round-up of some of the best and most influential local picks that are well worth a regular scroll and double tap.


Robyn Paige | @freespiritroch

This Rochester yoga teacher and reiki master shares her glimpses of her healthy, healing lifestyle, with peeks at everything from Vinyasa flow classes to retreats in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

Brittany & Kaleena | @luxandlaneco

These joined-at-the-hip besties and essential oils evangelists provide other on-the-go women in and around Rochester with low-toxic tips and a healthy dose of natural lifestyle inspiration.

Marcus Rosten | @mrosten

This former fish and wildlife tech with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is a naturalist and environmental educator whose feed is populated with all things birds, animals and outdoors.

Jen Shriver | @healthyroutes716

A nutritionist, personal trainer and juice enthusiast with a healthy food-and-drink-centered feed, Jen also includes a periodic sprinkling of her authentic personal family experiences in the mix.

Madeline Hall | @momamads

Madeline is a Buffalo-based globetrotting personal chef, foodie and holistic health lover whose life is all about good eats and achieving balance —  moving freely between nutritious clean foods and indulgent cocktails.

Spencer Jones | @spencerjonesyoga

A love of yoga and hiking converge here as Spencer takes you along on his journey exploring Mother Earth’s wild beauty and natural diversity, while deepening his own mind-body connection through the practice of yoga.

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Sunday Sermon Sagrada Familia Healing is a Hungry Ghost “Work on yourself” “You gotta do the work yourself, no one can do it for you” “You need to heal yourself, don’t seek validation from others” “You need to heal yourself before you project your wounds onto your partner/kids/etc” All of these statements/mantras of the spiritually self help world are to some degree true. I’ve been down this rabbit hole, deep. Spent a lot of fucking time working on myself. Taking workshops, joining groups, reading books, therapy sessions, all to “heal myself” and “improve myself” and it has. Make no mistake I’m a better man for it. But it came close to consuming me, and I’ve seen this ghost eat a lot of people. It’s the path of a spiritual warrior, to do that inner healing work. But as any warrior whose seen battle knows, the greatest victories are the wars you never had to fight. Takes courage to show up, fight your demons, and heal your wounds. Takes courage to sit down and make peace with your demons, and stop picking at the wound. At some point you need to just let it be. The mountaintop is only a flash of insight, not a place you move to. You can be working on yourself while still working towards what you want in this flesh and blood world. If you go too far into that inner cave you might lose interest/ability in coming back out. We are Gaudí’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. We are simultaneously a profound work of art and incomplete. We are always growing and healing, but we do not let that stop us from being fully in this world offering our light and our gifts. If you’ve grown the roots, take a break and enjoy the fruits.

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Chris Coonie | @TheVeganZombie

This Syracuse-based vlogger and award-winning cookbook author hosts “The Vegan Zombie,” a popular YouTube vegan cooking show set in an end-of-days zombie apocalypse.


Markell Reid | @reid_nutrition

This registered dietitian (R.D.) is on a mission to help women heal their relationship with food through science-backed nutrition and intuitive healthy eating.

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Ever start working out again and you don’t SEE physical changes but you FEEL so good😌 You don’t need to see changes to feel good; there are changes happening on the INSIDE👏🏼. . . I started running again and have been feeling improvement in my lung capacity and have slowly increased my distance 🏃‍♀️ I want to give a shoutout to @elyynzie for helping me reach 3.6 miles on Monday😘. . . FYI it’s okay if your goals are small; it’s important to take baby steps to get where you want to be🦶🏼I took this pic because I was feeling myself after a 2 mile run😏⬅️ SEE 2 miles is less than what I did a couple days ago but I almost didn’t even run today 🤫

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Lexi Tronolone | @health_by_lex

Lexi is a certified personal trainer, SUNY Buffalo exercise science student and healthy living blogger on the path to becoming a dietitian with an inspiring feed filled with posts related to wellness.

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POST RUN FEEEEEELS🤩 today involved working brunch this morning&afternoon, being told i didn’t have to come back and work dinner, 3.8 mile run in the rain, now time for dinner with my fam and then off to see my boyfriend and the funniest 8 year old i know @jmg357 ❤️ feeling extra grateful and excited for what’s to come from this community we have!! i have VERY exciting things happening this month and i can’t wait to tell you in just a few weeks 🙊 here’s a hint, i’m currently working with someone who’s willing to be my guinea pig to go through some programming on creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves 👀 hehehe!! thank you all for supporting me and keeping me so motivated, this account truly brings me so much joy everyday. xoxoxo

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Craig Andrianos | @noeggcraig

A photographer who runs a vegan YouTube channel filled with recipes and adventures, Craig highlights plant-based food and nature, with periodic throwback images from his personal life.

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I've been practicing yoga on and off for a little over 2 years and I know from personal experience that you don't have to be good at it to experience the benefits of it. When I tell people that I do yoga they often say something like "well I'm not very flexible, I can't do yoga." But that's actually a good reason why you WOULD do it! Although my balance is still atrocious, yoga has helped to improve it. So try yoga today, you can do it at home, there's free videos on YouTube and the @downdogapp is free until May 1st! #notsponsored I just really like the app. And thank you for coming to my TedTalk #namaste #yoga #downdog #tedtalk #warrior2 #warrior3 #peacefulwarrior #dancerspose

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Christine Dionese | @christinedionese

A food therapist, host of the “Well Examined” podcast and proponent of epigenetics (in short, flipping the switch on your DNA for optimal health), Christine’s feed reflects a life of nurturing her body, mind and spirit.

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“Your own beliefs are selecting your genes, and if you don’t have the right genes to handle the stress that you’re in, your belief will rewrite your genes in an effort to do so.” – Bruce Lipton Each month I meet with colleagues that are somehow related to epigenetics/genetics. Today, on the call with me was an immunologist, nutraceutical chemist, bio-regulatory doctor, virologist and neurobiologist. We spend the first half hour by presenting a quote from someone in the field, and then host a stream-of consciousness chat on it to shape the rest of our discussion on case studies, recent research and so on. Unsurprisingly, all of us having backgrounds in immunology discussed current societal perceptions related to immune defense and resiliency and then we went in the direction of upgraded consciousness, the neurobiology of intuition and how beliefs shape outcomes of the charges on electrons after ozone therapy, Live O2/EWOT and PEMF. It was an incredible discussion that in retrospect I wish we’d recorded and I could have broadcast it on Well Examined!… next time! What say you about the quote we chose? And, if you were in on this discussion, what contributions would you have made? Or, what questions would you have presented? Really thinking I need to bring these conversations to Well Examined, so please comment! Photo is a couple years old, but one of my faves by @hungrystowaway ☀️.

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Ray Boronczyk | @theplantybaker

A plant whisperer and herbivore on the path to starting a home-based vegan bakery, Ray’s IG feed chronicles his green thumb exploits and experiences baking everything from bread to scones.

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