Vintage Macrame Wall Hanging


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With roots traceable back to 13th-century Arab textile weavers, macramé, the creative knot-tying handicraft, was popularized by 19th-century American and British sailors. The art form reached its height of popularity in the 1970’s, and is enjoying a revival of interest everywhere from home décor to fashion — appreciated for its textural beauty and boho-chic aesthetic. This vintage 1970’s macrame-style woven wall hanging in a brown color will bring elegant texture and bohemian style to any space — traditional, contemporary or transitional.



    • 32″ W (36″ with rods) x 40″ L

    Features an embedded steel ring and wood rods for structure.

    The piece shows signs of wear and imperfections inherent with age and use. The bottom fringe is matted and can be left as is or combed or brushed out for a tidier look


  • USE & CARE

    • Dust with a soft, dry cloth.

    • Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.



    • Purchasing secondhand and vintage items keeps them out of landfills, while reducing the environmental impact caused by manufacturing and transporting new materials and products.

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