Vintage Crystal Four Leaf Clover Bowl


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Carried by Eve when she was cast out of the Garden of Eden as a reminder of its perfection, and believed both by the ancient Celts and the Druids to ward off bad luck and offer protection, four-leaf clovers are iconic symbols of faith, hope, prosperity and love — believed to bring good fortune to those who stumble upon them. Handcrafted with remarkable detail, this sculpted crystal bowl highlights the clover’s distinctive shape with a mindful balance of realism and creativity. Display it alone or use it as a snack dish to inspire good luck.



    • 8.125″ W x 8.125″ H x 2″ D


  • USE & CARE

    • Hand wash only with soap and water.

    • Do not use abrasive cleaners.



    • Purchasing secondhand and vintage items keeps them out of landfills, while reducing the environmental impact caused by manufacturing and transporting new materials and products.

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