Vintage Bees in the Flower Garden Round Tablecloth


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Found everywhere from ancient Egypt (a symbol of royalty in hieroglyphics) to nature-based belief systems (Celtic druids considered them divine messengers between the physical world and the spirit realm) to modern India (found on the forehead of Hindu deity Lord Krishna), bees have long held a special place in our world. Entertain like a queen bee and make a buzz at your next alfresco gathering or garden party with this gorgeous, bold vintage new old stock — not in its original packaging but never used — table linen printed with our favorite plant pollinators and floral blooms. A nature-inspired choice for year-round meals and special occasions.



    • 68″ in diameter.
    100% cotton.


  • USE & CARE

    • Machine-wash cold.

    • Do not use bleach.

    • Tumble-dry low.

    • Warm iron as needed.



    • Purchasing secondhand and vintage items keeps them out of landfills, while reducing the environmental impact caused by manufacturing and transporting new materials and products.

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