Hand Carved Soapstone Maya Calendar


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Hand-carved from soapstone, Maya-style calendar features a natural organic finish that highlights its intricate level of detail. Masters of sky-watching and time-keeping, the Maya of central Mexico exceled at astronomy, mathematics and writing, creating a 13-month, 28-day calendar, based on the moon — instead of the sun used by the Christian calendar. At the center of this hand-carved soapstone calendar is the physical representation of a god carrying the weight of the burden of time.



    • 8.5″ Diameter x .375″ D


  • USE & CARE

    • Wipe with dry cloth.



    • Soapstone is a natural product of the earth.

    • Purchasing secondhand and vintage items keeps them out of landfills, while reducing the environmental impact caused by manufacturing and transporting new materials and products.

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