Garda Dibble | The Seed Planting Garden Tool


Invented by the fournders of Tao Life and ideal for small urban gardens, suburban plots, raised beds, containers, square-foot patches, and even salad tables, the Garda Dibble™ lets you quickly make straight, evenly-spaced holes for sowing seeds in vegetable, flower and herb gardens, creating neat rows and maximizing planting space—saving energy, time and money (no more crooked plantings, poking holes one-by-one, wasted seeds or crowded plants).



    • Dimensions: 6″ square x 3″ high
    • Built to Last — Durable Construction
    • Compact & Lightweight — Easy to Use and Store
    • Fast Clean-up — Rinse with Garden Hose or in Sink
    • Removable Pegs — Change Spacing Based on Plant Type
    • Lifetime Guarantee — Free Replacement for Life if Broken


    Rise with water and wipe with a cloth


    • Made from recycled PVC

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